Palm of Venus™ started in support for the arts because it provokes free expression, explorations and innovation. Our effort is to support our peers and the next generation of creative thinkers so that they continue to bring beauty to the world.

Our philosophy:

  • Achieve a strong community of artists and provide resources for art education.
  • To help support young and future artist. We will donate a percentage of its sales to a charity that assist in providing mentors and supplies.
  • Encourage collaborations in its design to underline the ideals of community and collectiveness.

We place value in creative thinking and collaboration beyond the boundaries of fashion. We champion ideas that are well-researched, intentional, ethical, and inspiring to our creative thinkers. Palm of Venus™ uses principles of art to provoke new thinking explorations, and innovations. Our brand ethos is to achieve an identity that is focused in creating artisanal clothing whilst respecting the past, romanticizing the future. In the hands of beauty, holds the power to create ourselves.